About this site

Copenhagen Municipality has launched a number of initiatives in order to document and fight discrimination taking place in Copenhagen.

This site has been developed by The Citizens Advice Service as part of Copenhagen Municipality’s decision to strengthen the fight against discrimination.

In this regard The Citizens Advice Service has been given the task of making its mandate to monitor incidents of discrimination more visible to the public. Also The Citizens Advice Service has been given the responsibility of carrying out a campaign focusing on the rights and the legal remedies concerning issues of discrimination. The overall purpose of this site is to inform people on their rights and to guide them on their access to legal remedies.

This site will only partly be translated into English.

The Citizens Advice Service can also help if you feel you have been discriminated by Copenhagen Municipality. This applies, for example, if you have been unfairly treated in relation to others in similar situations, or if you have been unfairly treated on account of age, handicap, sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, political persuasion, nationality, social status or ethnic origin.

In such cases, the Citizens Advice Service can mediate between you and the municipality's employees.

At the Citizens Advice Service you can

  • complain about the municipality’s case handling, the personnel’s behaviour and execution of practical duties, for example, teaching, day care, home help and street cleaning
  • get help in filing a complaint if you have experienced discrimination in the municipality
  • get help if you have difficulty understanding a decision by the municipality
  • get information and advice about how you can complain about a municipal decision and who can handle your complaint
  • make suggestions about how the municipality’s case handling and service can be improved.

The Citizens Advice Service cannot

  • handle complaints about the municipality’s decisions
  • handle complaints about politically determined service levels
  • handle complaints if there is another complaint body responsible for the case in question
  • handle complaints about employment conditions.


Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the Citizens Advice Service via one of the following channels:

The Citizens Advice Service
Vester Voldgade 2A
1552 Copenhagen V

Phone: 33 66 14 00
E-mail: borgerraadgiveren@kk.dk

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.00pm, or by appointment (Wednesday is closed for telephone inquiries).

If you contact the Citizens Advice Service about investigating a specific case, please bring with you all documents relating to the case or forward them by mail.

If you need an interpreter, it will normally be necessary to make an appointment beforehand.


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